I had the great good fortune to participate last fall in my first Circle of Trust based on the work of Parker Palmer.  To say the experience was transformational would be an understatement.  The circle was lead by a most extraordinary woman, Sally Z. Hare.  One of the things participants in Circles of Trust are invited to do is to write (with pen and paper) a journal to capture inner reflections and “soul work”.  Last spring in my second circle experience, we were invited to craft a manifesto.  Here’s mine.  I think it still captures a little of what I am about with my current efforts at teaching and learning – and just BEING an educator at heart:

Be calm. 
Stay rooted and grounded…while you uproot others from their places of complacency.
Be surprised at the expected and unexpected outcomes.
Foretell the future by dropping a trail of breadcrumbs out behind.
Love the ones you’re with – especially if they don’t love you back.
Lead cheers for victories large and small and great ideas and attempts that fall flat.
Be and do the unexpected.
Give energy away to feel renewed.
Never stop learning.
Always be ready for teachable moments.
Give thanks.
Be thanks.
Try hard.
Build new bridges to places no one knew they wanted to go.
Plant flowers.
Leave some dirt under your nails to put your roots into and
Stay Calm.


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