How does it feel when I think?

(Image is in the public domain. Source: Wikipedia entry on ‘Mind‘)

Really #thoughtvectors?
Good grief. Nothing like starting off with a really simple question to get our feet wet!   🙂

Hmmm…I’ve been ‘thinking’ really hard about this….not really wanting to be one of the first to tackle the question publicly. (I’m listening now to @scottlo even as I write this. He was brave and put his ‘thinking’ out there. I’m noting his mention of his initial giddiness giving way to fear….Same here).

The answer is (at least for me) it (thinking) feels like …well like everything.

I am always thinking as long as I am awake. Some of my thinking is sound and some is not. Some is emotionally charged. Some is quite rational. I am having ‘lofty’ thoughts and mundane every-day thoughts. Thoughts in context and out. Some thoughts are worthwhile. Some are better left ‘un-thought’. I’m thinking this is a really, really hard question.

I follow ‘associative trails’ in my head ALL THE TIME. Oh, if only I could narrate and capture those trails. In my ‘mind’s eye’ I can see things sometimes that I cannot put into words when I sit and try. I wish for ways to capture those links and trails (not unlike the authors of the essays we are readying).

This, from VB:

“All our steps in creating or absorbing material of the record proceed through one of the senses – the tactile when we touch keys, the oral when we speak or listen, the visual when we read. Is it not possible that some day the path may be established more directly?’

Ugh. I am reduced to rambling and thinking and making not much sense. Looking for an inspiration, I searched for ‘mind’s eye’ and landed on the above image. It is Rene’ Descartes’ mind/body illustration from the Wikipedia entry on ‘Mind’. (I’m not a .gif-maker. Best I can do). And now comes the imposter syndrome attack and I’m stopping here and pushing out this very much ‘in draft’ offering.

More later. Maybe.



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