A domain of my own – Step 2

It took a while, but back for the next step in acquiring and setting up a domain of my own (more on that later).

First a little background. I mentioned last post about the grad course I am taking. In this course we are studying universal design for learning and accessibilty – focused heavily on accessibility in web design. I am not a web designer. I learned some very basic html in an earlier course – a year and a half ago. I look at pages of code and feel woozy. I do not have a good grasp of site and file structure and semantic markup. I have much work to do to study, understand and learn it.  I do know some basic requirements for accessibility on the web: images need alt text, pages need clear organization provided by level headers, folks need options to be able to use a site without a keyboard – like skipping navigation- think: “How does a screenreader see my site?” The HOW to do all of that is what I am learning.

Now, back to my domain/host/site:

Thanks to advice from Tim Owens (whose comments, and emails have helped me get this far!) I have a domain pointed to Hippie Hosting (see last post). Easy enough. (And I am admitting that if I can do this…anyone can – including faculty and students).
So far so good.

But…here’s where the rub comes. I am looking at the dashboard feeling a little overwhelmed at this point. So, back to studying how to give my work some bones before I move ahead. I know that WordPress offers many/most of the accessibility tools I mentioned above, so I am leaning toward a fresh install of that as container for my remaining course tasks this semester. I’ll be collecting (a somewhat ‘meta’ approach) and creating (a few) tools for faculty in higher education to create accessible learning materials online and for the classroom. I’ll share it here when it is finally up and running.

And to close this post, I want to point out how long it took me to get from buying the domain to actually getting it to the host (see how long it is between these posts???)….which just further illustrates why I have not wanted to take this path for so long. MUCH stuff has intervened…I am not able to work on this every day. Time goes by, I spend tons of time catching back up to where I left off last time I looked….

Oh well. The way things are.

On to Step 3 – Setting up a site and putting stuff in it (and making it accessible in the process). 😉


One thought on “A domain of my own – Step 2

  1. Of course I understand completely your point about all the hurdles and mess and time constraints on PCI generation. But (sorry, you knew this was coming!) I’m more and more convinced that it shouldn’t be an option unless folks know that it’s like opting out of reading and writing. It’s hard for us right now because we’re coming to this at a time when we’re adults and our lives are already full and brimming over. But the costs of not doing–not modeling–not contributing–are enormous. There are many folks who’d like to turn the Internet into a social networking version of an LMS (“life management,” that is). The free and open Internet has come under heavy fire lately and this was only the first of many big battles on the way. But just as I don’t want my writing to be limited to what I find in a phrasebook, I don’t want my “netting” to be limited to what’s provided by vendors, closed app-heavy un-webbed experiences, etc. etc. I’m with Jon Udell: we must move from web users to web makers. And the only real way to do that is via some version, mine or someone else’s, of the PCI idea. But it is damn hard, esp. at first. Unfortunately for all my dear colleagues, I’ve come back from CNI with a renewed sense of urgency, as this comment no doubt attests!

    And one more thing (apologies to SJ): You, my esteemed colleague and friend, are helping to lead the way both with commitment and with skepticism. Jim’s absolutely right. It’s such a privilege to be shoulder-to-shoulder on this journey with you. I mean that with all my heart.

    All good hippie love vibes from your friend Gardo.

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