Lurking to learn or why I can’t/won’t buy a domain for full buy-in #ds106

Well, I had good intentions when I commented pledging my participation over at bavatuesdays way back in early December as I caught the early conversation about the whirling dervish that is – unfolding now right before our very eyes.  What with all those storytelling masters congregating in one place, who could resist?

Well, the realities of January 2011 are setting in. (And honestly, I don’t even know why I am posting about this – as there are upwards of 200-some-odd highly motivated story crafters already in there. I am quite sure I will not be missed). I feel a need to explain nonetheless. You see, it is all about hats – not for sale, but hats I wear. Here goes my list:
Hat #1 – the ‘wifely’ hat. I have been married upwards of 30 years. Mr. odnett expects a certain amount of time on a daily basis. I think I’ll keep working on making sure that happens.
Hat #2 – the ‘motherly’ hat. I have 2 children in college. One is about to graduate…is DEEPLY in the throes of what to do next. She is applying to grad schools all over the place, trying for a Fulbright – a driven young woman. Very high maintenance. One is a freshman barely finding his way. He is in danger of losing his scholarships. Need I say more?
Hat #3 – the ‘teacherly’ hat. I am teaching an online course in information literacy for nurses. This is a regular assignment. It is one I really, really like. Because I like it – a LOT – it takes a good bit of time.
Hat #4 – the ‘student’ hat. I am actually enrolled in course work for credit towards another master’s degree. I know, don’t say it. But…I like that too. BEING a student/on the receiving end is a good experience to inform the teacherly hat.
Hat #5 – the ‘geekytech’ hat. I DO have a job. I work daily bringing opportunities to colleagues to learn about teaching and learning with technology at my institution. I REALLY, REALLY like this hat too. It is another one that takes a lot of time and energy to balance on my head.
There are some others – these are the main ones.
Now…full participation in #ds106 starts off with the acquiring of a domain. I just can’t. I just can’t take on something else that will require care and feeding. I already have sites all over the place to support all of the various things I  do above. Some of them are nearly orphans as it is (like this blog, for instance). I just will not add to my guilt load one more thing that needs regular attention. I know, if I were a better ‘manager’ of my ‘personal cyberinfrastructure’ maybe I wouldn’t be writing this. But there it is.
So, I’ll opt for lurking and learning – something that I am a master at. I won’t apologize for it. Someday, when my neck is not breaking from the weight of the above, maybe I’ll be more apt to share. For now, I’ll content myself with watching the happenings and learning vicariously. But, hey – vicarious/observational learning is quite legit.